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THESERA Glow Highlighting Mask

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3D Glow Mask
(25g x 10 sheets)

Glow Highlighting Mask is a sheet mask that, using melatonin and vitamins, gives the skin a much-needed natural and radiant glow.

When the biorhythm is disrupted due to lack of sleep, lack of moisture, or lack of nutrition, the skin loses its natural and healthy glow rapidly. Melatonin is important for healthy glowing skin. Melatonin is an ingredient secreted from the body during sleep from 11 pm to 2 am and helps to quickly recover skin condition and brightens skin tone by supplying nutrition. THESERA Glow Highlighting Mask includes natural melatonin and vitamin oil to make smooth, clear, and radiant skin from any angle, just as if the skin wears a ‘highlighter’.


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