THESERA Starter Kit 1 (anti-aging advanced)

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The THESERA Starter Kit 1 includes everything you need to start offering all (3) of the THESERA services. (including additional recommended products)

  • THESERA L Melting Thread Lift Kit: Lifting, pore tightening, improvement in elasticity (perform 4 sessions)
  • THESERA H Deep Hydrating Treatment kit: Moisturizing to the inside, improvement in skin texture (perform 8 sessions)
  • THESERA G Regeneration Spicule Therapy kit: Ideal for skin troubles, texture, tone, and dermal density improvement (perform 4 sessions)
  • Products Include (14) Superbly Shape Holding Masks, (1) Repose Balance Milk Cleanser, (1) Repose Balance Moisturizing Toner, (1) Hydroglow Cell Ampoule, (1) Hydroglow Cell Cream, (1) 7.2 Revital Cell Ampoule, (1) Melting Thread Eye&Neck Cream.
  • Online Course Included
THESERA Melting Thread Lift product line, service, and online course

MyBusySpa provides an easy-to-follow professional online training system. We teach the proper techniques of the THESERA painless beauty treatments so that you may gain the type of clinical results expected for your valued clients having skin concerns.

Authorized Distributor Canada


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