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We are excited to announce the launch of the South Korean based THESERA line (since 2011) in Canada, our latest product line and service for non-invasive, anti-aging treatments. THESERA’s exclusive patented technology for PLGA nanoparticles increases absorption and durability by absorbing active ingredients into the skin gradually and intensively.

THESERA L – Melting Thread Lift
A revolutionary new treatment that uses melting thread lift technology to lift and tighten the skin without surgery or downtime and is a safe and effective alternative to more invasive traditional methods. 

Perfect for those looking to address sagging skin in the face, neck, and jawline, as well as those who want to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

THESERA L uses patented technologies like TDN tunnelling (to help absorb the melting thread deep into the skin) and 99% purity of naturally derived nano-scaled melting threads to lift sagging skin, resulting in lifting, pore tightening, an improvement in skin elasticity and wrinkles, increase in dermal density and volume.

THESERA H – Ultimate Hydrating Peel
A treatment that plumps and hydrates the skin by stimulating water cells. It keeps moisture locked in skin cells, enhances skin resilience, and makes the skin glow.
  • Stimulates cells with amino acid threads.
  • Activates the skin by using carbonic micro-bubbles to open up the water channel of the cell, providing moisture.
  • Moisturizing to the inside, improvement on skin texture, complexion, radiance, and facial contour. 

THESERA G – Auto Regeneration – Spicule Therapy
A treatment that gives you a post-laser effect through its unique methodology without the use of any aesthetic machines.

This treatment delivers laser-quality results for a fraction of the price. It uses sea sponge spicules from non-contaminated areas of the ocean, gently pushed into the skin by rubbing and tapping. Once inside the skin, it stimulates the cells for ~72 hours.

Ideal for skin trouble, texture, tone, dermal density improvement.

Online Training

Our online training program for estheticians is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to confidently offer the THESERA ant-aging services in your spa.

Our program covers everything from the science behind THESERA to the best practices for performing the services safely and effectively.

Sign up for our online training program and start offering the cutting-edge anti-aging services of THESERA in your spa today! 

Ordering for the First Time?

The THESERA product line is available only with a preliminary minimum purchase of one of the (6) starter kits found below.

After successfully passing the online course, you will be able to purchase any additional products separately.



*For a limited time only. Prices are subject to change without notice.



THESERA, meaning ‘the skincare expert resolving all skin troubles,’ begins by listening to customers’ skin concerns. They offer professional skin care services kits as well as a full home care retail line.

It is both! THESERA offers a complete home care retail line as well as various professional services kits to target most prominent skin issues.

The products are manufactured in South Korea since 2011.

THESERA stands out from other skincare lines with their patented technologies. They use PLGA (poly(latic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles to ensure increased absorption and durability of active ingredients, double encapsulation of active ingredients to increase their stability, delivery, ph, and temperature, as well as TDN tunneling to ensure subcutaneous absorption of active ingredients.

All THESERA products and professional kits available on MyBusySpa are registered with Health Canada.

There are 3 main professional service kits to offer cutting-edge result-driven services.

  • THESERA L – Melting thread lift
  • THESERA H – Ultimate Hydrating Peel
  • THESERA G – Sea Sponge Peel
  • THESERA L offers instantaneous, as well as long-lasting effects in lifting the skin, and visibly reducing wrinkles. Furthermore, it stimulates natural collagen production, showing increased results over the 3 weeks following treatment.
  • THESERA H offers instantaneous hydrating benefits. The results can be seen right after the treatment. The skin will be moisturized and smoother right away. There is no downtime, and home care product’s penetration will be highly increased for the 3 weeks following THESERA H.
  • THESERA G – Over the course of 3-6 weeks, the skin will enter a highly accrued cell regeneration state, which will exfoliate dead skin cells, control the production of sebum, and kill acne germs. It also boosts cellular metabolism in the epidermis.
    We have seen amazing results for all types of skin problems, including acne, blackheads, microcysts (closed comedones), hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, scarring, minimizing fine lines, brightening the skin, giving you a glass skin look.
  • THESERA L – 1h30
  • THESERA H – 45 minutes
  • THESERA G – 45 minutes

Once you register and are approved on our website you simply need to purchase one of our starter kits and follow our comprehensive video training, which is included with all starter kits.
We ask that any aestheticians new to the line purchase one of the starter kits before purchasing individual products.

The comprehensive training is all online. You will learn about each kit and retail product, specific protocols, how to set up your treatment room and consultation, and what to expect when it comes to specific results. You will also have access to consent forms, step-by-step protocols, and marketing material.

You can start the training as soon as you purchase one of our starter kits. You can complete it on your own time, in the comfort of your home.

  • THESERA L – $375 per session
  • THESERA H – $265 per session
  • THESERA G – $330 per session

Prices can vary based on location

Absolutely! The online course is available for $170 USD or $199 CAD.

Click here to view the online course product page.

MyBusySpa is the official distributor of the THESERA product line in Canada. All THESERA products on this website are only shipped to Canadian addresses. All purchases are shipped directly from our warehouse in Montreal, QC.


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I just got done with the SB Course and all I can say is wow. Milada really blew my expectations. The amount of AMAZING information she provided is unmatched. I feel confident that adding this new service to my business will flourish beyond I can imagine after sitting her SB online course. I will be back for any more courses that you will provide in the future.
South Beach Online Course Graduate
Yolanda Roberts
From Nassau, Bahamas
I just wanted to thank you for the training recap on June 20th, it was extremely informative and I loved the new videos and training method you have adopted. My clients are really loving this treatment, so glad I added it to my spa menu.

Online Course User
Sonam Dillon
From Calgary, AB

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